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WJMC 2016 DAY 2

Today was full of adventures!! This morning Hoda Kotb spoke to us and it was incredible getting to hear from her. Afterwards we went to the Newseum and there was so much to see! We also had the opportunity to go on a monument tour! It has been such a great day!

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WJMC 2016 DAY 1

Well, I was lucky enough to have all my flights run smoothly and I was able to travel with minimum stress about my flights. Once I arrived at George Mason University I was able to meet my roommate, my color group, and many other people from around the nation. It was a fun day and we were able to hear from an amazing speaker. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures!

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WJMC Press Release

This summer, I’m going to the Washington Journalism and Media Conference in Washington DC. It’s going to be an amazing experience and I’m so excited to attend. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Natalie MollinetĀ for writing this article in the Sugar House Journal about me and my opportunity.20160409_212702-1-1

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My HTVS Beginning


This picture was taken my sophomore year of high school when a first joined HTVS. HTVS stands for Highland Television System and is Highland High School’s Television Broadcasting program. I love that I’ve been able to expand my knowledge and work with amazing people. These individuals are more than just my fellow crew members, they’re family.